Projection Mapping

From 3D projection mapping and video production to immersive environments and experiential, everything is created in house by our team of creative artists and developers. We create moments by combining arts and technology to create unique experiences. Our 3D Projection mapping work creates an immersive viewing experience to help you make a lasting impression. We have developed an array of 3D Building Modeling and Visualization products and services, available for a variety of uses and deliverable in a number of formats. Our technology seamlessly blends across any projection mapped surface.We handled a projection project on as large as over 10,000 sq. ft. of architectural surface, creating the projection mapping for Fortis Memorial Research Institute , on its building façade in Gurgaon.After the success of the first LeGrand Launch, we were asked to launch their new product three years in a row. The other big achievements we made was for Resurgent Rajasthan Show with large projection mapping on the Jaipur Vidhan Sabha Building, Lakme India fashion week Grand Finale on the façade a century old famous St Xavier’s College, Hyundai cars, TATA cars, Samsung, Accenture and many more.
Launch Show of Plumber Bathware
Shaheed Smarak Permanent Projection Mapping
The Xynteo Exchange India 2022, in April 2018
Sanchi Stupa Permanent Projection Mapping

World’s Tallest Residential Tower, the Meydan One
Miniature Model Projection Mapping
Fortis Healthcare, flagship hospital by Fortis
Fortis Building 3D Projection Mapping
Mysuru Town Hall Projection Mapping Show 2018
Odisha Parba Projection Show, 2018

3D Projection Mapping Odhisha Parba 2017
Odhisha Parba 2017 3D Mapping
Dell EMC 14G Server launch
Rajasthan Diwas 2017 3D Mapping
LIFW Grand Finale 2016 : 3D Mapping

Rajasthan Diwas Projection Mapping
ISL 3D Projection Mapping
ISL Opening Ceremony 3D Mapping
Legrand DX³ Product Launch
Legrand DX³ 3D Set Projection
Hyundai Fluidic Theatre, Auto Expo 14

Digital Acceleration Center in Dubai with 3D projection mapping
Accenture Set Projection Mapping
Spectacular Projection Mapping for VE Commercials
Eicher Volvo Truck 3D Mapping Show
Fiat Punto EVO Launch 3D Projection Mapping
Fiat Punto Evo Launch 3D Mapping
Legrand DX³ 3D Projection Presentation
Legrand DX³ 3D Projection Presentation

The Hyundai Verna mapping
Hyundai Verna 3D Projection Mapping
Tree Projection Mapping
TATA ERC Set 3D Projection Mapping
TATA ERC Set 3D Projection Mapping
Legrand Ekinox³ Launch 3D Set Projection Mapping, Singapore
Legrand Ekinox³ 3D Projection Mapping

Samsung S6 Edge
Samsung S6 Edge Launch 3D Mapping
D’Decor App Launch Set Projection Mapping Show - Making Of
D'Decor App Launch 3D Mapping
ISL Opening Ceremony 3D Mapping
Our first Projection Mapping Show
Hyundai Elantra 3D Projection Show

Tata’s Horizonext
Tata Horizonext Car Launch Mapping
The Splat Truck
Splatruck (3D Projection Mapping)
Oral B’s biggest innovation in toothpaste technology
Oral-B Product Launch 3D Mapping
The output of our experiments!!!
Third Encounter of the Splat kind

3D Projection Show, MoE, UAE
3D Projection Show, MoE, UAE
Our beloved Splat Truck
Making of Splatruck Projection
A unique projection mapping
DS Group Book Projection Mapping
This is a glimpse into the world of Splat’s behind the scene looks
Hyundai Verna Mapping (Making of)

Blooper for Another Experiment
Blooper for Another Experiment