We create unforgettable experiences using the latest technology
in ways you've never seen before.

Led by a highly creative approach we push the boundaries of what is possible, we build new solutions and develop new technology where it doesn't already exist.

Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Rashtriya Swachhta Kendra 2020
Launch Show of Plumber Bathware
IN5 Experium Golden Temple 2019
Shaheed Smarak Permanent Projection Mapping

Revolt RV400 AI Electric Bike Launch
PMNCH 2018 Opening Ceremony
Sanchi Stupa Permanent Projection Mapping
The Xynteo Exchange India

Spyder-Movie Opening Title
Mysuru Town Hall Projection Mapping 2018
LIFW Grand Finale 2016 : 3D Mapping
Rajasthan Diwas 2017 3D Mapping

Dell Technologies Forum Meet 2018
Interactive Wall Artwork : Augmented Reality
Interactive Wall Artwork
Dell EMC 14G Server Launch
ISL Opening Ceremony 3D Mapping

Odisha Parba Projection Show, 2018
D’Decor App Launch Set Projection Mapping Show - Making Of
D'Decor App Launch 3D Mapping
Virtual Reality HTC Vive Experience
Virtual Reality HTC Vive Experience
Fortis Healthcare, flagship hospital by Fortis
Fortis Building 3D Projection Mapping

3D Projection Mapping Odhisha Parba 2017
Odhisha Parba 2017 3D Mapping
Innovation Cube - Master Card (Dubai)
Innovation Cube - Master Card
Rajasthan Diwas Projection Mapping
Startup India Touch Table Video Wall

Al Reyadah Interactive Table
Hyundai Fluidic Theatre, Auto Expo 14
TVC shoot for Bajaj
Bajaj Discover TVC : VFX Breakdown


July 20, 2017

Does the future actually has Doraemon?

You know who Doraemon is right? Probably you do, if not by his name then by his appearance (so many Doraemon merchandises exist seriously) and if […]


Splat is an organic studio that ferociously pushes for the perfection of design to deliver experiences with the precision of new technology. Having delivered some of the most challenging projects both in India and the Middle East, the studio has grown powerful.

Powerful enough to let you dream without worrying about the render time... Powerful enough to carry your vision to the next level, faster... Powerful enough to let you imagine, and then play it back, in full resolution.

Imagine, Render and Play. Its that simple with us.



The Truth is what you see.

Green screen plates to Rigged action coupled with Destruction, Virtual accidents, CG Environments,, Concept Art and the list goes on. Simply put we will help you shoot the impossible, move the immoveable, blow up things and create a world which never existed in the first place. We have created some of the most stunning VFX for Television and Films. Photo realistic 3D, CG Characters, Miniature sets, Physical Simulations, Set extensions, Practical FX are some of the techniques we combine to achieve incredibly realistic and aesthetic visuals.

Begining with telugu Feature Film DAMARUKAM where we created some of the most challenging VFX elements like clouds, mountains and smoke, we went on to create even more breathtaking visuals for bilingual To Be or Not To Be, Munish Bhardwaj's "Moh Maya Money", Maniratnam's "OK Kanmani" , and other projects in the pipeline.

The unreal reality.

The use of interactive technology in the arts has transformed the audience from a casual viewer to an engaged participant and creating a strong connection with your brand through this experience. From awe inspiring visuals and sound art to live-performance and gaming, the boundaries of what is possible for creating, curation, production and distribution are continually extending. We are continually experiencing and exploring new technologies to bring more than unique experiences to you.

Splat has always believed that experiences change and shatter perceptions. Using technology to define the particular trajectory of those experiences is what we specialise in. Separating the audience from the present reality to an immersed environment and creating that feeling of jaw dropping awe is what we aim for.

Did the building just move?

It is a technique that consists of Projecting video images on buildings, facades, structures or nearly any kind of complex surface or 3D object to shatter the viewer’s perception of perspective. It creates astonishing optical illusions, a suggestive play of light that turns a physical object into something beautiful by changing its perception of form. Video mapping is a very recent concept and has been extraordinarily successful in creating a very strong emotional connection with the audience.

Beginning with the Hyundai Elantra car launch in Delhi in august 2012, Splat has now delivered over 14 automobile projection mapping projects, some of the biggest and most challenging architectural projection mapping shows in india, countless 3D set projection mapping shows in india, the middle east and elsewhere.

We have been creating 3D illusions through anamorphic images, which can be made into captivating floor graphics, billboard graphics or eye-catching displays, which gives the viewer an illusion of 3D. We have the ability to customize any existing creative to fit a given venue. If marketing is about getting the eyeballs for your product, we can guarantee that these 3D anamorphic graphics are eyeball magnets.

Many studios produce good quality 3D animations for television and film formats, and we do about similar quality of work. Although we do not take 3D animations as projects, we do create extensive 3D and 2D animations, which are used in visual effects that we produce.

Visual Effects Supervision
We are a world class studio and our VFX supervision services will ensure that VFX shots have been setup correctly, timing and composition is correct and the shots will be ready for Post Production. Simply put the Director will be able to see the invisible, when we are around.

Data Wrangling
We are very thorough with our details and we stealthily record data during a VFX shoot like slate data, shot description, camera parameters, lens details, set and other coordinates, lighting schematics, HDRI environment maps, clean plates and reference plates and putting tracking markers, assisting in the Chroma setup are some of the stuff we do to help in VFX post production.

Metadata Generation
Sometimes once you are done with a shot, you may want the CG camera matched with the actual shot, you might also require some clean plates drawn out from the shoot plate. After you have shot, you might need to get CG camera matched with the shot camera, you might want some clean plates drawn out from the shoot plate, you may need to get clean mattes from generic or Chroma shots, we are here to help you. We can also help you with matte paintings for the backdrop and create set extensions



8 Years of Splat
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