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April 3, 2017
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#Odisha Parba 3D Projection Show : The Unseen part

parva 31

The Odisha Parba was held for 3 consecutive days i.e 29th April – 1st May 2017, and Splat Studio put together a grand projection show to be played everyday. All was well. Graphite studio supported us with some designs, Gaurav raina of Midival punditz did fabolous music, and Splat crafted some really amazing visuals. But there were surprises!

While there was a lot of fabrication needed, and the projection structure itself was huge at 100 ft by 30 ft, fabricating it to brave the winds at an open venue of india gate lawns was a challenge. The good old technique of bamboo structures was created to ensure it was sturdy.

All was okay, until the morning of 27 april, the structure was harmonized in a smooth tune. The weather previously was sunny, bright and we scaffold everything just at the right places.

The Morning Set


As we finished our work by wee hours of 27th April, a huge turn of dark clouds came over, followed by thunderstorm, heavy rain and hailstones. Unfortunately, when the rain stopped, we checked the structure and although the bamboo mesh kept it standing, it look deformed. The whole structure tilted backwards from its original placement, the deformation was more than 15 feet displaced from its intended position. It was hard for us to straighten the structure as there was lack of human power, and also the fear that it would further weaken the mesh.

The Aftermath Set

aftermath set

We knew there was a lot of problems we had to rectify. We had to make adjustments to the structure, place the projectors at a short span of time. Luckily, we could work our magic on the structure and projectors, and make sure that by evening all seemed to end well.

The Evening Set

evening set

 Met department had issued warning of further storm and rain the next couple of days, and we could only place the projectors and other equipment on the night previous to our first show. The alignment was nightmare as the intended structure had vanished, and we were working with whatever remained. Some tweaks in the content, some tweak in the structure itself was only way to have a show.

The organisers were also kindly supporting all the requests and they made possible everything they humanly could. In the given circumstances, building the rest of the structures at the venue was equally important, and we thought it best to work with what we ended up having.

We don’t have much of a choice but to make things possible for all of us. This was not far from the other challenges we have come across, and we stepped up with ease on this too. Challenge always creates perfection in our work. In spite of all the peaks and valleys we experienced, it’s the love and dedication of the people that made up for all the trouble.

And It Was Overwhelming!!!


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