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Know what you will miss if you do not buy a VR set

It feels good when you read a book and it manages to blur the real world and make you live in the world of the story. It feels even better when you watch that story on screen and get immersed in it. In both the cases, you are anyway an outsider and will not be able to live the story no matter how much you want to (This is why my Hogwarts letter didn’t arrive yet). Even while playing a character in a game, you are outside.

Virtual reality puts you into the fantasies and makes them come alive for you. How awesome is that? Imagine actually being able to play quidditch. (I know that you know I am a potter head. Now stop judging me jeez). VR is developing and that too with ultra-fast speed. Apart from adding fuel to the world of gaming VR has the power of making you watch a movie in a theatre while sitting on your couch in your house. It can also make you advertise your product by making the prospective customers experience it. Like if you are a property dealer you can show houses to your prospective clients through VR which will save your and your customer’s time.

Imagine being in the thick and thin of things. Experience the news as a live spectator (watch Modi calling out to ‘Mitron’ when you are there, like really there).

Not up for it yet? let’s just try it first. VR experience will do the rest of the convincing on our behalf.

What you need is the curiousness, rest all are petty things like a smartphone with good display (obviously), good internet, cardboard, scissors, paper cutter, glue, some strong velcro strips (if it turns out to be weak you might end up losing your phone), a pair of biconvex lenses (You can get them here) and a Sunday! (or any free day). Oh and this tutorial by Creativity Buzz

Also, we advise you to use more Velcro than they have used in the tutorial. Just to keep your phone safe.

This will introduce you to the world of VR. When you are hooked you can buy your own VR gear and experience the fantastic games available in this format. Like this one which can teach you about waste management.

Don’t be a couch potato. Go and get yourself a good VR headgear and a bunch of good VR experiences.

Now be progressive thinking, future-aware, tech-savvy couch potato.

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