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July 15, 2017
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Does the future actually has Doraemon?

You know who Doraemon is right? Probably you do, if not by his name then by his appearance (so many Doraemon merchandises exist seriously) and if you don’t, now you will (because you can love him, you can hate him but you can’t ignore him). Well, Doraemon is a cat robot from a Japanese anime who belongs to the 22nd century and has an infinite pocket full of gadgets from the future. Whats special about this robot is that he is creative, emotional, good at solving problems, can talk and has more brains than his human best friend Nobita.

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Doraemon is fictional but is it possible for Artificial Intelligence to be as good as Doraemon? Of course, the real robots might not look like Doraemon or talk in his voice (which is super annoying) and the infinite pocket is a far cry. But AI is surely making ways into our day to day lives without us really realising it. is a website which offers 5 bots which can chat with you. Their aim is to make the bots respond like humans to the messages. They can really offer to be your friend when no one is around. Say hi to Pewdiepie!

Pewdiepie was a Youtuber who made videos of talking to Existor’s Eviebot so much that he ended up getting a bot of himself by Existor (funny, no?)

Facebook messenger also has many bots that perform different tasks. Oh, and there is Ruuh. It’s hard to believe she is a robot. She talks like an Indian teenager. Just open your messenger and check her out.

Promise me. You will talk to her as soon as you are done with this article. Mind you, your conversations with these bots might not always make sense (but your conversions with your friends are often senseless too).

Anyway, so the more fascinating thing about AI is that it is getting creative. Sunspring is a science fiction short film totally written by AI (which named itself Benjamin) after it was fed with screenplays of lots of sci-fi films. The screenplay is not as good as the ones written by humans of course and we have to make our brain work to make sense out of the film but Benjamin did manage to blow our minds.

This is the beginning. AI is getting smarter and smarter every day and we are totally looking forward to an AI apocalypse. Not seriously. They are going to work for us and be our friends. Or will they?

Image: Our own Splat Robot. He is designed to do 3D animation. 

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