Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the new domain in the world of Media. An unexplored territory that has just started getting its first few visitors. We have been developing a lot of work in these two domains and we have the capabilities to shoot 360 Videos and we can script, storyboard and shoot live action or CGI animation in monoscopic or stereoscopic 360 Panoramic Videos. We then let it get the Post production treatment and then create custom software to deliver the product for whatever application you would want it to be. We recently did a project for the Ministry of Environment for the UAE Government where they wanted to educate the people of the Emirates about the fauna. We developed a live Augmented Reality application that would let the people experience and interact with the fauna up close and personal. We have an excellent team that is capable of creating custom softwares, electronics and applications according to your needs.

Revolt AR Integrated Application
DP World AR
Mars VR Experience
DP World VR 360

Al Reyadah Interactive Table
An Augmented Reality Show for Ministry of Environment in UAE
Ministry of Environment, UAE
Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme HTC Vive Virtual Reality Experience
SZHP Showcase HTC Vive Experience
ESMA SamsungVR Gear Information Film
ESMA Virtual Reality Animation

Innovation Cube - Master Card (Dubai)
Innovation Cube - Master Card
Virtual Reality HTC Vive Experience
Virtual Reality HTC Vive Experience
Startup India Touch Table Video Wall
Orpic Augmented Reality Presentation, Oman
Orpic AR Presentation Show
Interactive Wall Artwork : Augmented Reality
Interactive Wall Artwork