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6 Reasons Why We Love Projection Mapping and You Should Too

Projecting on flat white screens are too mainstream these days. But worry not, we belong to a time where projection mapping exists. Projection mapping is a technique which allows us to project colourful images/videos on literally anything. Also, we can choose to make it in 3 dimensional too. So we have come up with 6 reasons why we love projection mapping and you should too!

1. No 3D glasses needed!

3D glasses are such trouble, especially for the people who already wear glasses. Projection mapping allows us show 3D content without any requirement of 3D glasses. Such technology much wow.


2. It can change decorations on buildings like Bollywood actors change clothes in songs

You want to decorate a building but cannot choose any one of the awesome designs you got? Its okay, you can use projection mapping to put them all.


3. Allows us to do graffiti on precious buildings

You can get into trouble by making a full stop with spray paint on Rajasthan vidhan sabha but look what we did.


4. Never fails to awe the audience

The final screening is so good and so bright that it never fails to impress its audience and our clients. Satisfaction level – 99.99%


5. Through it we can turn anything and everything into a screen

No kidding. Even toys can be our canvas. If Shakespeare existed in these years he would have written the line “All the world’s a screen” instead of “All the world’s a stage”.

6. It is the Coolest Way of Advertising

It is one of the coolest way of advertising as it can make your product look as good as it actually is on screen, that too in 3D.

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