Visual Effects

Our passion is helping filmmakers realize the things which are impossible to shoot, or would be too expensive to recreate at a singular vision. We can deliver the most spectacular VFX sequences in cinema and offer expertise across all kinds of effects, owing to the combination of a team of highly skilled professionals, the latest tools, and being at the cutting edgeof the technology. Our artists closely liaise with you to come up with storyboards and pre-visualizations to give you an initial idea of the look and feel. Furthermore, we will keep to deadlines, ensure cost-efficiency and talk to your directors every step of the way. Photo realistic 3D, CG Characters, Miniature sets, Physical Simulations, Set extensions, Practical FX are some of the techniques we combine to achieve the most realistic and aesthetic visuals.In the Telugu Feature Film ”Damarukam” we created some of the most challenging VFX elements like clouds, mountains and smoke. “Ok Kanmani”, directed by Maniratnam was the other big film where we created the whole game sequence in 3D, including character development. The Hindi adaptation of the film “Ok Janu” employed us for a much more refined work on the existing concept, new methods of character creation and added a whole new extra sequence. We are working on an upcoming indie project-- A new approach to realistic environment creation and character animation.

Spyder-Movie Opening Title
OK Jaanu VFX (Feature Film)
D’Decor App Launch Set Projection Mapping Show - Making Of
D'Decor App Launch 3D Mapping
Magical CG World
SOS Fx : Environment Augmentation

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Plate Cleanup (SOS Fx #01)
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Shot Alterations (SOS Fx #02)
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Car-o-Bar VFX Breakdown
TVC shoot for Bajaj
Bajaj Discover TVC : VFX Breakdown

The first teaser to our Spatify Web Series
Splatify: The Splat Chronicles 1