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May 3, 2017
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The Journey of an Office

5 June 2017 marks the completion of one year of the new Splat office, Delhi. Around a year ago the office was nothing but an empty and dull space with no rooms, no cabins and no people. Since we chose it to be the splat office, its air changed. It was just a matter of time before a desolate and boring looking hall got filled with hustle bustle and looked like it should.

Cheerful admin head of splat, sizing the space up!

The transformation was not easy. It took two and a half months to do the makeover. We had to do so much. First of all, a suitable design was required to add the sound studio, the editing studios, the work space and the cabins in the huge empty hall. The hall was like an empty canvas and the office was to be painted. Windows were enhanced and doors were added.  A whole lot of learning from the previous office was taken care of while the new office was being made.

We were too excited to move into the new office (Read, the workpressure was like hell!) that we started working while it was semi-furnished and semi-equipped. With no air-conditioners and a nosefull of paint smell, the sound of hammers and people killing each other around us (we made up the last one, we dont kill, we just torture). Imagine working on your laptop while carpenters are fixing the window exactly beside you!

And Whola!!! it was done. Everyone liked it so much (and those who did not, were forced to like it). Ever since then, the renovation has become recreation for us. There is always changes happening to something or the other. As someone rightly pointed out “Your office is like Bangla sahib Gurudwara, there is always some construction happening”. Well, we take it as a compliment.

Check out the pictures of the makeover!

The Transformation


Journey from pale to colorful


Who could guess the splendid conference room and seating area at the entrance ever looked this plain


and carving out an office from the nothingness


Namita wanted it black, but we are orange.


From plain to pretty 


well, we only made it more congested!


Shelves, doors, colors, lights – all the leftover was piled up here, and it became the chill zone

The new office is not just this vibrant because of its peppy interiors but also because of the energetic and high spirited humans who work here. The orange theme of the office perfectly describes the enthusiastic and creative Splat soldiers who act as magnets for success through their hard work. *pats self*

Along with 3D animation, 3D project mapping, anamorphic content creation and visual effects this office also produces happiness.

Cheerful admin head of splat in an equally cheerful office!

When the office completed one year, our hands abandoned the keyboards, files, phones and duster for some time and quietly decorated the office which is dearly adored by all of us. We made even the balloons match the ambiance of the office. We celebrated the completion of one year enthusiastically with a delicious treat. We entered a nearby restaurant but then felt pity for the restaurant staff before giving such a big order.

The Party!

The Journey of this office does not end here. It is going to continue witnessing  us doing a superb job.




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