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Why VFX?

Why is the VFX business failing at its moment of greatest success?

“Visual effects is Art, created in a laboratory, at gunpoint.” – Ben Grossmann, VFX Oscar winner, Hugo (2012)

Mark Christiansen, a seasoned VFX expert, author, and film maker wrote a very insightful article a few days ago in one of his posts, and we felt its worth sharing with anyone who either aspires to get into the VFX bandwagen, or is curious why films ridden with VFX shots are making into worldwide top grossers.

At any rate, one is sure that Life of Pi will win the best VFX award at the 85th Oscars. In the past 37 years, that this award has been in existence, at least 80% of the top grossers had at least one award in this particular area. then why is it, that a giant VFX studio like Rythm and Hues, needs to borrow money to sustain until its final demise?

In the worldwide biggest hollywood films, way down you might find films which were not predominantly VFX driven, but they are just few and far apart. If that’s the case, why is it then, that in past couple of months, many VFX studios like Fuel VFX, Orphnage, Digital Domain, Dreamworks layoffs, ILM, Lucas films, Matteworld Digital and similar needed to shutdown their operations or resort to mergers and acquisitions to sustain whatever was left. Its Alarming why the VFX studios are going into heavy losses while VFX driven films are ruling the roost.

If you’re a young person contemplating a career in visual effects, it’s worth at least asking why, if there’s never been a better time for VFX in films, that it’s never been a worse time for the companies (and thus the people) that create VFX for feature films, and whether there’s anything you can do to meaningfully change that situation.

Marc suggests some more questions which need to explored into, before venturing out into this profession. I ha

to make these a little specific to the Indian scenario. Hope Marc would not mind. :-)

1. What kind of person makes a great VFX artist, and in what ways. Do I see myself as such a person?

2. Whatever it is that’s happening in the VFX industry, does it scare me? Is it worth taking the chance?

3. Is VFX industry populated by artistes only, who dont know how to handle business? is that something i can look into?

4. If I am aware of the circumstances of the people working in VFX industry, do I see myself as a catalyst of change, in whatever way its needed?


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