Social Media Manager


  • In depth knowledge of the strengths and nuances of the different social media.
  • Ability to sift through interesting facts and curate feed for developing online communities.
  • Well informed about the day-to-day happenings.
  • Excellent writing skills.

Functional Requirements

  • To be able to develop a web/social media marketing strategy and implement it.
  • To be able to absorb the analytical data and modify the social media strategy as required.

Desirable Skills

  • Basic knowledge of various web technologies and web design
  • Knowledge of a designing application like Adobe Photoshop
  • Basic knowledge of animation through flash
  • Previous experience of curating content for media like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram.

Soft Skills

  • Excellent attention to detail, ability to create error free work.
  • Well organized: should be able to manage multiple assignments at the same time.


  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar capacity. (Not a bar for talented candidates)

3D Animator


  • Bachelor's degree from a reputed fine-art / design / animation institute.


  • Well Versed with 3DS MAX with a basic understanding of MAYA.
  • Basic understanding of rigging.


  • A keen observer of reality having near perfect understanding of relative scale and dimensions specially in terms of human, animal anatomy and biped and quadruped creatures.
  • Should have a thorough understanding of the principles of animation.
  • A keen observer of facial expressions – should be able to replicate / enhance them through his/ animations.
  • Should be able to create animations that make characters seem alive. Should be able to understand the motivations of the characters and translate them into movements.
  • Should be able to animate both organic creatures and mechanical objects.


  • Knowledge of scripting with Max script / Mel Script (Maya)
  • Basic understanding of fluid effects.

Soft Skills

  • Good Communicator: be able to understand and articulate the requirements clearly. Should be able to handle pressure and timelines effectively. Should be able to think and act as a member of the team.


  • Minimum 2 years of professional experience in creating animations. Exceptionally promising candidates with lesser experience can also be considered.

3D Modeler

The position - We are looking for some awesome 3D modelers with crazy ideas and skills. You will be the backbone of our 3D work. Must be able to work independently and still be a team player. You will have all the tools you would want to create some amazing work. You may even be required to act as a model at times, but its not mandatory.

Electro-Mechanical Engineer

You should be able to contribute in designing interesting original experiences by analysing, designing, manufacturing and maintaining equipment based on the combination of electrical and mechanical systems. (Preferably using Raspberry Pi & ARDUINO.)

Game Programmer

You must be well versed in in 3D rendering environment or 3D game engines like UNITY and UNREAL. You should be able to program hardware devices like Kinnect, Myo, HTC Vive, Sony Play station, Microsoft XBOX etc. be able to design AR applications by using these. (2+ years of experience preferable )


Well organised with good communication skills. Proficient in computers (Tally, MS Word, MS Excel). Should be able to handle multiple tasks well under pressure independently.

Motion Graphics Designer

Should be able to composite and design info-graphical sequences using After Effects and Nuke. Should have a strong sense of visual design .

Graphic Designers

The position - Besides being a very social person, you must have a very strong skill set in the world of design. You will be responsible for creating design solutions that have a high visual impact. Must be an excellent teammate and be able to support everyone with lame jokes while having a very creating edge. Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite is a must.

Project Managers

The Position - You will be working closely with the team leads/Supervisors and manage projects and help communicate with clients and ensure timely delivery of projects. You will keep track of all the work in the studio and help communicate with different departments and most importantly ensuring there is a steady supply of coffee.


The position - You are Premiere pro’s best friend. You will get fresh off the bait RAW footage and turn it into a seamless story. You will have an eye for the bigger picture and will have the opportunity to work on films and television commercials and everything video. You will have the chance to innovate and push your skills and work in a world class studio.

Interns And Trainees

The position - We are looking for hungry, ambitious and passionate people who would want to intern with us and learn about the art of storytelling and the magic behind the big screen. You will be working on some of the biggest movies and television work along with interactive design. If you want to be part of something truly extraordinary and be a part of the media revolution in the country then join us.